Author Service Provider Adverts

At Author Friends With Benefits we want to provide our members and those who engage in our community with the opportunity to find service providers who are highly efficient, cost effective and talented. We have multiple ways that we can share your information:

  1. In Our Services Directory - this is free of charge but the directory is only available to our paid members so there is a limit to the number of authors who will have access to the information.
  2. On Our Website and Social Media Page - we can share your information on our website and Facebook Page.
  3. On Our Newsletter - we have a growing newsletter that goes out between once and three times a month, depending upon content.

We charge a small fee for advertisement slots on our website, social media and newsletter.

One Month - $10

Six Months - $55

One Year - $100

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Book Adverts

Author Friends With Benefits loves to promote authors and their books. Although everyone is welcome to post about their books on the "Books To Read" page, we also provide the opportunity for authors to have their book advertised prominently on our site.

Paid members receive this as part of their membership but other authors can also benefit. We will post an Amazon Advert for your book on our site for a small fee.

Three Months - $20

Six Months - $30

One Year - $50

To arrange your advert send a quick email to