AFWB Book Club

The AFWB Book Club

One of the best benefits that our readers can make the most of is our Book Club.


We have a constantly growing reading list for our readers to pick from. Each week a new book is added to the library. It's simple and easy to get a book, you just pick a book from the library and we'll send it directly to your kindle.


All of our book club members get to participate in the AFWB Community where they will have the opportunity to meet authors and readers. Want a friend to share your bookish thoughts with? You'll find that here. Our book club have access to our community server where they can interact with the other nine members in their book club group, interact with the members of the other book club groups and our larger community of book lovers. Who thought reading could be so social?


We host a variety of different online events that our readers can engage in, from Live Writing Sessions to Live Reads in our Community Lounges. We have takeover events on Facebook and opportunities for our readers to ask authors questions one-on-one.


Fancy reading a book before it is released? Our readers get regular opportunities to read and review books before their release.


Think you're the quickest reader, best reviewer? Let's see if you hit the top spot. We're going to start a leaderboard of readers so you can compete with your fellow readers.

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Although the AFWB Book Club is completely free of charge, we do ask that participants consider making a donation to help cover the costs of running the book club.

Donations can be made via PayPal to