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At Author Friends With Benefits we also have a handful of awesome horror writers. We recently hosted a WiHM Live Event where women horror authors read to us and wrote live, exclusive stories just for our readers.

WiHM Live Story by Kat Green & Sian B. Claven

I messed with my hair and re-did my make-up before leaving the ladies bathroom, the music from the club pounded around me. Owen had managed to ninja his way out without being seen. I looked at myself in the mirror in disgust; I was behaving like a hormonal teenager not a thirty-two-year-old women. I was playing a risky game, and I knew it was wrong and I hated myself but I couldn't stop lusting over Owen, my younger man. There were several reasons I was dancing with the devil. Dylan Winters was my husband of ten years, he's one of the UK's top footballers, captain of a premiere league football team, the other half of a famous power couple. Owen Mason was his teammate. Yep, see the mess I'm in and I don't know how to stop it. I love Dylan; I do but the lust and the thrill of Owen takes over me. It would only take the press to get wind of my affair and that would be the final whistle on my life. You can call me selfish, a loving husband, millions in the bank and that morning we had just moved into our new home. A six bedroom mansion near Wokingham. I locked myself in the cubicle again as the tears flowed. My husband was inside this club with the rest of the team after a huge win. I was a first class bitch.

I wasn't sure where Sharon had gone and I was worried but my team was keeping more than busy with celebrating our win. I was worried because we had just moved house and I knew that had put a tremendous amount of pressure on Sharon and the last thing I wanted to do in this world was cause her any stress. She was my everything. The beginning, the middle and the end of my life. There was no one in the world that I would rather spend my time with, and here I was, the day we had moved, out celebrating. There were boxes to be unpacked, furniture to be moved. I wanted to promise myself that I would make it up to her tomorrow morning with breakfast in bed, but I knew I had a team practice first thing so I would be out of our new house before she even woke up. 
The house was for her though, and I hoped that it would at least bring her joy to turn it into our permanent home. It was the kind of house she always wanted, old but solid, with so much potential. I see Owen near the bar and make my way to him, he might have seen where she had gone.

'OK, Skipper' I said acting innocent. If only he knew what I had just been doing with his wife. She was the absolute dream women. Smart, sexy and a little slutty. I felt awkward being so nice to Dylan, he was a good bloke and I knew he adored Sharon, not to mention the chaos it would cause if he found out. I wouldn't just upset him I would lose my entire team. I just couldn't help myself. Older women sent me nuts.

'Yeah, alright yourself?' I say, 'You seen Sharon?' I add, sipping on the beer I'm still nursing. As Captain I have to set an example, 'I think we should head home you know, still got loads to do at the new place."

'No, sorry. Yeah, better keep the wife happy.' I cringed internally. I felt like that was a dig, if he actually knew.

''oh god'' I thought to myself as I saw My husband and my bit on the side talking. I need to get out of here.

'You'll know about it soon enough Owen, there's someone lucky out there for you.' I clap him on the back for reassurance and turn around looking for Sharon again, setting my half finished beer on the bar.

'I'm shattered babe, lets go' I whined as Dylan approached. He nodded, and we got our coats before getting into the waiting car.

 I started the car with a smile, "Thanks for sticking it out love, you really are the best." I lean over to kiss her neck softly.

 'You deserve it. Four goals today babe, you might be the oldest on the team but you still have it.'

The goal bonus alone would buy a small house. What was I doing?

I chuckle softly, "Are you calling me old love?" I tease as I pull into our driveway, "You know I'm only as old as the gorgeous wife I feel right?'

I stop the car and get out, going around to her side to open the door for her.


Delilah watched from the window, her eyes narrowed.

'You are my hero.' I giggled. Truth was he was the countries hero. I would be England's most hated women if my secret ever got out. Not only was he captain of his team he was also the England captain.

I give her a small bow, my heart elated that she still felt that way about me. We had been married ten years and I still felt the same way about her after all this time, the same way I felt the first time I ever saw her.

I take her hand and lead her into the house

 I sighed at the boxes stacked in the hall. Gabby our cat made a cute little noise as we entered the house, rolling around on the floor. We had, had her for six years and it was our little baby. We'd never really wanted kids, Gabby was our replacement.

I hang my keys up on the hook as we walk in, smiling at our gorgeous furkid Gabby. I pass her, pausing to bend down and stroke her head softly before I continue towards the stairs, "You wanna unpack a little or just go upstairs and relax babe?' I ask. I'm tired from the game but if Sharon wants to unpack, I'll spend all night doing it for her. God this woman had me wrapped around her finger, but it was because I was unbelievably lucky to have her in my life.

The window to my right slams open suddenly and I jump before chuckling, 'There's already things to fix.'

'What the hell' I scream. 'How did that open?

 I can't help but snort and say, "Calm down love, it just blew open." I say, going to close it.

A box from the top of the pile near the stairs toppled over

 I look at the boxes and I'm exhausted. We head upstairs and as I reach the top step I stumble. It felt like I was pushed.

 I follow Sharon upstairs and reach out to steady her, "too much to drink love?" I ask, "Or are you just falling for me all over again?' Damn, how does she still love my corny ass

 I was shaken, I didn't trip and I wasn't drunk. It felt like I was pushed with some force.

Delilah stood in the shadows, her face twisted in anger as she watched Sharon. Being dead had its benefits. She could choose who saw her and who didn't and Dylan certainly didn't deserve to see her. No, Sharon had a lesson to learn

I swear I heard a whisper 'Whore' in my ear.

 I pass by Sharon and say, "You okay love? Come on let's go to bed."


I go to shower, the exhaustion of the day is starting to set in. 


Once Dylan has moved to the bathroom I step out from the shadows, standing in front of Sharon. I grip her by her throat, "No Whores." I say, it's taking all of my strength to make me visible right now but whoring is what got me in this position in the first place. If I hadn't slept with my mistresses husband, she wouldn't have killed me and left my soul here under this curse. I could not abide by any woman cheating on her husband. It was an abomination, something I had to learn through never being allowed to rest in peace. 

"You wish to use a man like that? To use him for what he can give you physically and then ignore him emotionally. You are a bottom feeder. A scourge on the planet. Your life must end now."

 I can't breath with fear and the hand around my throat. The face was twisted into something evil, her eyes hollow and black. Who was this creature; I saw creature because it wasn't of this world. 'What do you want?' I finally gasped out.

Delilah leaned in, her eyes now fully black with power. The fear that Sharon felt was driving her. "Confess your sins or die for them" She said simply.

 'I can't tell him'

What happens if I tell him'
"Then you must pay the penatly" she said, she pushed with her might, forcing Sharon back towards the stairs.
'If you cannot be honest, you must die.
'If I tell him you will let me live?'
Delilah couldn't help the evil smirk that crossed her face, "You can live." she said.
'What;s the catch?'
Delilah let her go, "You have until midnight to confess everything, or you won't find out." With that she disappeared.
'Who are you? Why are in my house?'
I hear Sharon and come out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around my waist, "Babe? Who are you talking to?"
 'Nobody' I shake myself and fight with my mind and then I burst into tears. 'Baby. I'm so sorry.' The words just fell out, everything about Owen and our affair. I saw his face twist into pain and I thought maybe I should have chosen death.
I could feel my heart shatter into pieces. My everything, my entire life. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I shook my head. Owen. That fucking asshole. I stared at her. Everything I loved. Everything I believe in. Gone. LIke that. I wasn't lucky, I was cursed. I went to the bedroom and got dressed, storming out of my house. I was going to find him and I was going to make him pay

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