AFWB Services

AFWB Services

The reason Author Friends With Benefits exists is to help Authors. We want to support authors to create and promote their books. One thing all authors know is that it is incredibly challenging trying to write, publish and promote books. It's a job that could very easily take over your life and what makes it even more challenging is the fact that most independent authors work full time too. That's why we created this community where authors can support one another because a job shared is a job halved.

Author Friends With Benefits was founded in February 2017 because Hannah had an idea; a small idea that just keeps growing. As an independent author herself, Hannah knows just how much of a challenge writing a book can be, let alone publishing and promoting it. It's a huge task to get your book read by actual human beings and then to get those humans to review? Sometimes it feels like you might need a magic wand to be successful, especially when you have a full time job and the rest of your life to fit in too.

That's why Hannah decided to start AFWB. She wanted authors to have a place where they could support and encourage each other. It's a lot easier to get your book out there into the world, when you have a little help. AFWB Authors know there is value in working together and helping each other out from time to time. Whether it's advice on how to form that perfect sentence, that catching blurb, or getting someone to share your book promotion.

AFWB is a place for authors to ask their fellow authors the questions they normally haven't got the confidence to ask, for opinions on their work, and so much more. AFWB has a single aim; to support it's authors in their author goals. If you want to become a household name, we'll work with you to do it. If you want to get some amazing book reviews, we'll include you in our awesome review tournaments. If you want a new book cover, we have an awesome designer who can hook you up with a cover that will amaze the hell out of you. If you want an editor for your book, we can help you there too. Whatever you need, we can help you get it.

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