Author Independent Package

Declare your independence from the big online stores such as Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, iBook, etc. Sell your own books and collect all the money for yourself and open another income channel for your hard work.

Selling on your own is a trend with many authors today, and it’s getting easier with numerous selling sites available to authors. Using PayPal, and services like our own Go-Viral, helps to build a following and mailing list that enables sales through your website. If your books are NOT enrolled in Amazon’s KDP, your books can still be sold through Amazon/Kindle to help gain exposure. The other major online book store sites don’t have such a program.


What Is Included In AIP?

1 Mobi (Kindle) file

1 Epub (iBook, Nook, etc.) file

1 PDF file

Each AIP file shows your cover art in the customer's library exactly like the ones purchased from the big guys. The only difference… you get the royalties, not just between 30 and 70%

Premium AIP

Take it up a notch and include an embedded MP4 video or MP3 audio file. This is something that the big publishers are doing that Independent Authors and Small Publishers are missing out on. Amazon does not allow this feature, but it works brilliantly on other platforms, and of course any books sold independently. This seems to be the wave of the future and gives your books that professional polish.

Price List

Pre-Formatted Manuscript Std. $85.00

Unformatted Manuscript Std. $95.00

Pre-Formatted Manuscript, with 1 video or Audio. $100.00

Unformatted Manuscript, with 1 video or Audio. $115.00

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Nickii Fowler

Nickii is a self-published author. She is responsible for our Author Independent Package.