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Blurb Writing 101


Writing a successful back blurb for your book is the hardest part of writing your book, it is directly linked to sales and interest. Readers rely on the back blurb to convince them to take a chance with the book, so it must draw them in with the first sentence. How?

The blurb needs to tell the situation, introduce the setting and the main characters, describe a problem, give the promise of a twist, or turn of events, and end with hints at the tone of the storyline. And absolutely be interesting. To top it off, it should be done in the first 100 words. Easy, right? In a pig’s ear!

My suggestions are:

  1. Find the leading sellers in your genre and read what they’ve written. Obviously, they’ve been successful in getting the attention of readers, so look for the formula they are using.


  1. Write at least 2 versions of the blurb and test them to find the most effective. If you have a mailing list, website, or Facebook, Goodreads page, do a poll and see which one is best. Something like SurveyMonkey or GetResponse would come in handy. SurveyMonkey offers a free account, and GetResponse is a paid service.


  1. Be prepared to rewrite your blurb several times, a hastily written blurb looks like a hastily written blurb.


  1. Try to keep it short. Readers don’t always read an entire blurb, they scan and often don’t read more than the first 100 - 150 words.


  1. Use words that are considered Hyperbole, such as incredible, unbelievable, amazing, fantastic, etc. These words tend to be exciting, and your blurb needs to evoke excitement.


  1. Stay true to your voice. Write in your usual style, don’t switch into something that doesn’t fit with the book.


  1. Don’t squeeze too much into the blurb. It’s also a good idea to create a short blurb for tweeting.


  1. When you think it’s finished put it aside for a few days, then read it again, out loud.



Did you know that word has a Read Aloud feature? Highlight your blurb and click on Review in the command ribbon and click on the Read Aloud button.


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