Beta Reading

Beta reading is an important step in the writing process. A beta reader not only looks for grammatical errors, but also for inconsistencies and unclear parts of a written work. They differ from editors in that they look at your story from the perspective of a reader.

A good beta reader will offer valuable, personal feedback about your story, including areas that seem to be lacking development. Having a good beta reader can significantly reduce the amount of time between the time you finish your first draft and the date you publish. AFWB offers a beta reading service for our clients with personal feedback regarding the submitted work.

Our inhouse beta reader Amanda, is experienced as a beta reader and editor. She has a background in speech and linguistics bringing a different eye to your average beta reader.

Although this is a paid service, there is real value in knowing that you will receive more than just "it's a good story" or "yeah, I liked it." A good beta reader can be difficult to find but with our beta reading service quality is guaranteed.

Price - $1.00 per 2K words.

To make a beta reading request please email us at