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Crown of Embers New Release

Crown of Embers!

Meg Anne

Release Date: 21st May 2018

Current Price: $5.59

Genre: Fantasy Romance

“If it’s a war she wants, I’ll damn well give her one.”

Kiri Helena Solene may have gotten her Mate back, but that was just the beginning. The battle lines have been drawn and her nemesis has already struck the first blow.

Surrounded by her Circle, Helena’s power continues to grow. However, this time power alone will not be enough. To save the Chosen Helena must seek out the Forsaken to forge new alliances with those long forgotten by her kind.

But will they be friend or foe? After centuries of neglect is it too late to mend the wounds of time?

“The Circle must be broken.”

Rowena will stop at nothing to prove that Elysia and the Chosen are hers. With Elysia on the brink of destruction, it’s time for all of the Chosen to remember who, and what, they are.

Their fate depends on it.

“Shall we?” Von whispered in her ear. Helena’s grin was more than answer enough.

Stepping apart they moved into position facing each other, each pulling their hair up into tight knots.

“Pretty,” Helena called, allowing herself a moment to appreciate the stark male beauty of her Mate. His obsidian hair, pulled back from his face only enhanced the brilliance of his gray eyes and the sharp angles of his cheeks and nose. There really wasn’t anything ‘pretty’ about him. He was too much of a warrior to be anything but lethal, but when she looked at him, Helena only noticed the seductive curve of his lips and the ways his muscles bunched and shifted as he removed his shirt. She licked her lips, helpless to ignore her primal response to him.

Von winked at her, knowing by the tell-tale blush on her cheeks where her thoughts had wandered. For those that had stopped to watch the Couple, there was no doubt this was more than mere sparring practice. It was understood that they would not use their power to enhance their combat. This was a full-fledged test of physical skill and strategy. Those in the Circle had already moved in, eager to see them in action.

“It looks like they want a show,” Von teased, a small smile on his lips.

“Oh, they’ll get one,” Helena promised smugly, not hesitating before she attacked.

Von countered the move easily, laughing as he blocked two more rapid-fire blows. “Is that all you’ve got?” he taunted.

“Not even close,” she assured him, ducking low and using her momentum to knock him off-balance.


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