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Hanleigh's Review of Crown of Embers


So before I review this book, I want to give a little context... I've read all three of Meg's books and I recommend that you read book one, Mother of Shadows before you read either of Reign of Ash or Crown of Embers. This is a series and should be read as one.


Hanleigh's Review

Wow! I can't tell you how much I loved this books because I'm lost for words. I always get a bit like this after reading one of Meg's books. My mouth gaping wide, desperate for the next book like it's some sort of addiction. The truth is Meg's books are fantastic and each book is somehow an improvement on the last. Helena is a brilliant heroine. She's strong and independent but also completely in love with her mate Von. She can stand her own and that makes her character seriously kick ass! Every woman needs to read books about heroines like Helena.

What's more the plot is so creative and easily moving, highly descriptive and captivating while being so rich in tension and conflict that there's not a dull second. You will never skim a page of this book even after reading it three or four times, I promise!

I absolutely would be a fool not to give this book 5 stars!



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