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An Interview With Cassi A. Williams

  1. What inspired you to write your (most recent) book?  (Writing a book was always a dream of mine and so I wanted to show my kids that you can always follow your dream and accomplish them with enough work and dedication.)

  2. Who is your favourite character from your book(s)? ( I would have to say Eliza because she was the first character that started “Talking to me.”)

  3. Is there an underlying theme? ( If I had to pick a theme it would be that love always prevails.)

  4. What motivated you to become an author? (I am one of the biggest book nerds And I told my husband one day that I wanted to write a book and he told me, “Babe you can do anything you want to do and I can’t wait to read your books.”)

  5. What inspires you to to get out of bed each day? (Hands down my family. They are the greatest supporters I could have ever asked for.)

  6. When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time? (With my family or cuddled up with a good book.)

  7. How do you discover the ebooks you read? (Social Media and book recommendations from fellow book nerds.)

  8. Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? (I was in the fourth grade and wrote my first poem that was later published.)

  9. What is your writing process? (As organized as I am my writing process is rather chaotic. I have notebooks filled with different ideas for my books then I put them all together.  Then the characters start “Talking” to me.)

  10. Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you? (The child called “it” was one of the first stories that showed me that you can express so much emotion through writing.)

  11. Describe your desk. (Chaotic at times but most of the time it is very organized and has different quotes all around it on the walls.”

  12. Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing? (I grew up in a very small town in Alabama and when I say small there wasn’t even a stop light.)

  13. When did you first start writing? (I was always writing when I was younger, it just took my a while to realize that I had the ability to put it all together and create a story.)

  14. What else have you got planned? (More and more writing.)

  15. What’s the story behind your latest book? (The one I am currently writing is a story about love and compassion. A girl that didn’t believe that she deserves love and finds it in an unlikely friend.)

  16. Do you have any bizarre writing habits? (I wouldn’t say bizarre because of course they make perfect sense to me.)

  17. What was the hardest part of writing your book? (Always thinking in the back of my mind “Who is going to like this?)

  18. What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about your genre? (That it’s going to be cheesy because it is a romance.)

  19. What is your reading format of choice? (E-books or paper books.)

  20. How do you make time to write? (Most of the time I write once my adulting for the day is done.. Once dinner is cooked, everything is cleaned up and the kids are in bed.)

  21. What do you like to read? (I read just about anything I am not picky in my reading preferences.)

  22. Any ideas for future projects? (oh yeah….. we will just have to wait and see what becomes of them.)

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