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Everything Undone By Wysteria Wilde

*´¨✫) Everything Undone

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Author: Wysteria Wilde

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Two worlds collide...

Annabel LaFrance was a good girl who lived a privileged and sheltered life, made good grades, belonged to a posh country club and had a male best friend who never tried to be anything more than just that: a friend. She didn’t drink or do drugs, and she certainly didn’t date. After what had happened with her own parents, she swore she would never fall in love, let alone get married and have kids. She had the perfect life. 

She also had buried secrets that should have stayed forever buried. Then she met Nick Bignanni, and everything changed.

Nick Bignanni was a bad boy who lived his life constantly haunted by his demons. After what had happened to his parents and the girl he loved, he swore he would straighten out his life. But he didn’t. Or couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. He did what he thought he had to do to cope with life, which mainly consisted of having meaningless sex with multiple women, doing drugs, drugs and more drugs - and being manipulated by his best friend, Michael LaFrance, to get money to obtain said drugs. He was nearly at the end of his rope when he met Michael’s little sister, Annabel LaFrance. She was intelligent and intriguing and beautiful. And off-limits. In addition to being his best friend’s sister, she was too young - and a girl like her deserved so much better than a guy like him. 

The only problem was, he couldn’t stay away. 

As Annabel and Nick’s epic love story unfolds, everything unravels. Truths are revealed, lies are exposed, danger lurks in the shadows, and people die - and love seems more and more likely to elude them. Sadly, sometimes, it’s too late - even for true love. 

But sometimes, it’s not.

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