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Tormenting Touch by C. Shafanda

Tormenting Touch
Author: C. Shafanda";}">Amazon:
Price: $2.41
Current Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars
Veronica Hayes can’t stand a liar, especially one who gets away with it. There is only one man in her life that she knows will never let her down, and it sure isn’t her daddy. He let her down a long time ago. Her high-school boyfriend lied and cheated and she couldn’t get away from him fast enough. Now Veronica can’t trust any man that gets close to her. Starting college in a new state with her bestie by her side, can Veronica find it in her to trust again or will another tormenting touch send her running scared? Nick Hagen is broken, damaged, ruined. Nothing and no one can complete him, not after all the tragedy in his life. Or can they? Not even all the alcohol and sex with countless, nameless women can numb the pain he feels. Most days, he just wants to die, some even say he’s tried. He just wants all the pain to stop hurting. Is it possible for Nick to feel happy again or will he forever be tormented?
*Note: This book is a stand alone with no cliffhangers. Intended for mature audiences only, 18+, as there is cursing, sex, and violence. DO NOT read this book if you think it will harm you in any way.*
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