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Down To The Minutes by C.E. Strother

Down To The Minutes
Author: CE Strother";}">Amazon:
Price: $3.05
Current Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars
Everyone knows the old adage: Love is a battlefield. Are Winnie and Declan willing to fight? It’s been ten years, eight months, a week, and a day…and it still hurts. Declan Lawson is a former football player turned brilliant businessman. From their youth, Winnifred LaRue has loved no other man. Because of that love–though it almost killed her–she let him go. Because of that love, now that he’s back, she’s willing to risk her heart, body, and even her soul to get what she needs from him. Closure, she thinks, but is there something more he’s willing to offer? Returned to his hometown in Kentucky to settle some unsavory business, Declan is unprepared for the memories and mayhem that await him in a place that already holds so much sorrow. The love he lost is thrown in his face when Winnie decides his return is her chance to gain her closure once and for all. Fighting too much, and sometimes for the wrong reasons, Declan realizes too late he could redeem them both, or lose her for good. Shadowing the path of a love strong enough to risk losing everything for, a force of darkness is at work. A cunning mind realizes even before they do that what’s between Winnie and Declan could be their downfall or salvation. Time is of the essence. Hearts and lives are in danger. Love is the battlefield, but who will prevail?
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