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January Obession by Claudia Vincetti

Author: Claudia Vincetti";}">Amazon:
Price: $3.00
Current Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars
On the pin-up calendar, Rayan is JANUARY. Within moments of him throwing his delicious heat against Fia’s and pinning her down, he takes her body and never gives it back. 'A mainstream boyfriend Rayan Soloman is not, in fact, he could turn out to be a fast-lane knife to my heart … In one instance, he brings laughter and joy to my life and god knows I need it. Then in a heartbeat, he leaves me weeping and anguished. The worst is he fascinates me, and in the agony of my confusion, this is a game I may pay to play with my life.' If January was yours would you want to know his past or would you love him for who is now—how he makes you feel?
Claudia Vincetti: Author’s note, please be aware: JANUARY is not just a burning, sensual, five chilies, hot story—it is the whole chili bush. As an Erotic Romance with a little humor thrown in, it is still very much an Adult Read. 
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