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Finding Marcus Anderson by C.L. McGrath

Finding Marcus Anderson
Author: Christina McGrath";}">Amazon:
Price: $2.99
Current Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars
FINDING MARCUS ANDERSON is book 2, in the "FINDING" series. “Your past will always catch up with you…it’s just a matter of when.” Just when Marcus thinks things are finally falling into place, having found his beautiful Sarah, he is finally going to get his happy ever after. Until a vision from his past jeopardises everything. Marcus and Sarah couldn’t be happier. Arriving home from their road trip, Marcus begins having nightmares. With vivid memories from his childhood haunting his thoughts, he turns to his past in search of answers. Marcus’s search leads him to Madison Jennings, his first love. Their affair was as secret as it was powerful. He filled her loneliness after the death of her husband. She filled his need to be safe and loved. Sixteen years later they meet again. What effect will this have on the life he has built with Sarah?
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