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Finding Sarah Miller by CL McGrath

Finding Sarah Miller
Author: Christina McGrath";}">Amazon:
Price: $1.30
Current Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars
FINDING SARAH MILLER is book 1, in the "FINDING" series Finding Sarah Miller is one woman's journey of self-discovery. Given the opportunity to start all over again, Sarah sets off on a road trip across America. In search of meaning and purpose, she does her best to open herself up to new possibilities and relationships. Finding Sarah Miller will take you on the journey with Sarah, as she grows in strength and courage, finding the love of her life, new friendships and devastating heartbreak. With the shocking realization of how complicated life can get, Sarah finds solace in her new friendships, but is this really the right decision? Sarah’s resolve will be tested, but will ultimately guide her to what she is looking for.
Please note this book contains Adult themes and is not suitable for people under 18.
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