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Allergic Reaction

Allergic Reaction

“What happens when you take your Boyfriend home & your Dad starts sneezing, your Mom acts Totally crazy, & your Sister acts like the Biggest B¡T©H ever!! Easter has never seemed so miserable. She's just found out her family's a bunch of bigots. At least that's the way they're acting, but when she confronts them, she finds it's actually something so much worse. Secrets, Lies, Deceptions, & Sooo Much MORE ... OMG! When the story comes out It ROCKS her to her core... She's never going to be the same again! Are you looking for a little something to fulfill your guilty pleasures? If Sooo, look NO further than this HOT little quickie. It's got just the Perfect combination of Drama & Naughty you're looking for!” – LMR

“That was awesome. I loved the way that she (Miranda) grew up and the love of her family. Her sister made it all happen in a strange way. The story is funny and loving at the same time." – Janet Cox

After meeting her boyfriend’s family and things go off without a hitch, Miranda decides it's the perfect time that he meet hers. She's excited to show off her perfect boyfriend to her adopted family. And what better time than when everyone will be together on Easter? But, things start going downhill before they even walk through the front door.

Antonio has found his long-awaited mate, Miranda. Only problem, she's human. And he hasn't had the perfect time to tell her that he's actually a tiger shifter just yet. When she takes him home to meet her family, he soon learns he isn't the only one who's been keeping secrets from her. The fact that her Dad is allergic to cats certainly doesn't help Antonio keep his.

Easter dinner may end up being a complete disaster if Miranda realizes there's only one human at the table.


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