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Historical Romance

England 1216

“Josie, you are required upstairs,” Lady Villa said as she walked into the workroom. “Let me look at you, girl.” She walked around her daughter and told her to remove the outer mantle she was wearing and uncover her hair. With a nod of approval, Villa led the way up, issuing instructions as they went.

“Do not speak unless spoken to; we have a very important guest. If he should speak to you, address him as Your Grace. Give only simple answers without detail unless he questions you further. Do not, under any circumstance, mention you are to become a nun. Is that clear?” Villa asked.

“Aye, Milady,” Josephine answered respectfully, wondering why she was being instructed this way.

This moment would change her life in ways that Josephine Lynette de Carter couldn’t understand, she was an innocent trained only for a life as a nun and at the mercy of her greedy parents.

Young Duke Ethan of Lanark, the rebellious cousin of King John, had been searching for a bride with a pretty face who would not complicate his life.

Neither could possibly be prepared for the future.

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