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Fate by Fire - Final - ebook

Historical Romance

How can a simple errand go so wrong?

It’s September 3, 1666, and the great London fire has begun. On an errand for her demanding older sister, Lady Victoria Spenser is caught up in the human current of the panic-stricken citizens. Trapped by a collapsing burning building, her skirts are ignited by the flames. Burned and in great peril, Victoria is rescued from the disaster by kindly Duke Gerald Rothforth, and taken to his home where he and his wife can care for her.

Their eldest son and heir, Taylor Rothforth, Marquess Heritage, had resigned his commission from the Royal Army and taken his place as his father’s assistant in the House of Lords. Discovered in Victoria’s bed under innocent circumstances, he agrees to marry her.

Taylor believed that his ability to love had been destroyed by the death of his fiancée two weeks before their wedding nine years prior. Distraught over her death, he served as an officer in the Royal Navy. After serving eight years, he returned to civilian life to prepare for his eventual place as the next Duke Rothforth. To his surprise, feelings for his young bride begin to surface filling his life with a completeness he had never expected.

It was truly a fate formed by fire.












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