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Glorious Surrender final

Historical Romance


September 1366

Groomed by Sir Carrol to surrender her beloved Langeston after the death of her father, Lady Bethany St. James surrenders to the wrong Lord whose army surrounds the walls of her home.

Commanded by King Edward lll, Lord Royce Clyfton, Earl of Highmount takes Langeston in the easiest conquest of his career. The King’s orders were to wed Langeston’s daughter immediately to avoid questions of the legitimacy of his claim. To his horror, he discovers his bride is only two weeks into her fifteenth year, the same age as his youngest sister. To him, she was a child on the verge of womanhood, with problems that must be overcome before he would claim her as his wife.

They face trial as well as good times as they work their way through a glorious surrender.


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