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I’d known him my whole life, but I never expected to fall in love with him. 
I did. Deeply and irrevocably. 
It was both the worst and best decision of my life. 
He gave me no choice, but to walk away. 
I spent my life since justifying it with being immature. 
But I knew it was all a lie
When he re-entered my life by chance I thought fate was playing a cruel joke. 
He saved me.
He destroyed me.
But he unknowingly revived me.
Falling in love with her was never in my plan. 
I had plans, big ones, but she became my only focus. 
I lost her and along with her my willingness to love and be loved. 
I swore I’d never again give my heart to anyone. 
When we’re thrown together, I know karma is messing with me. 
But when I laid my eyes on her again, all I wanted to do was give.
I wanted to give so much more than I had to offer.


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