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Historical Romance

Continuing where Love’s Tie that Binds ended, Love’s Sweet Home begins…

King John had done them a great favor when he brought Tristan de Clare, forcing him to wed Alinor de Bertram. Against incredible odds, Alinor and Tristan found love, joy, and contentment in their forced marriage, despite the intrigues of King John and the looming threat of civil war.

Since its beginning, Lady Alinor had kept her beloved Sunnid hidden away; the enforced secret had separated her from her half brothers and sister, seeing them only when their father died five years ago. Now life has changed for them, Tristan and Alinor’s families were becoming a strong part of their lives. Sunnid rang out with happiness and laughter as the two families gathered to celebrate Easter.

Sunnid’s charm working its magic to mend and restore broken souls, drawing more to its haven. What new surprises lay just over the hills in Sunnid Bridge?


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