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Historical Romance

England 1067

Braemont Manor

As the carriage rolled to a stop, the door flew open, and an elegantly dressed woman jumped down and ran into his arms.

“Sybil! What are you doing here, has something happened?” he asked with concern.

“Tienne, I couldn’t bear the thought of you spending another Christmas alone,” she cried out, hugging him tightly.

“You traveled all this way alone?” he exclaimed.

“Nay, I’m not quite that foolish. I came with my dearest friend, Lady Nicole du Severn.” Sybil turned and held out her hand to a vision wrapped in an ermine mantel. Her face glowed with a gentle paleness in the dim light of the torches. He couldn’t make out the color of her hair, but it appeared to be dark. “Nicki, this is my brother, Etienne, and this dear brother is Lady Nicole.”

Etienne heard Serge let out a low whistle behind him as he bowed over her gloved hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Lady Nicole. Welcome to Braemont,” he greeted and then presenting an arm to each of them led them into the great hall. Once inside, the ladies went to stand by the fireplace before removing their mantels.

Without realizing it, the beautiful woman who had just walked through his door was about to change his life in ways he couldn’t imagine.




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