Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses

Both authors and readers can benefit from our creative writing benefits. If you are a reader who would like to consider writing this is 100% the place to start. You can take part in our creative writing competitions. They will be posted on our blog every week, so make sure you follow our blog so you don't miss a single one.

As well as that we are offering a fantastic collection of creative writing courses for readers and writers alike. We recommend working your way through them, in order. Send us a message if you are interested in putting your name down for the next available course or to find out a little bit more.

1. Creative Writing 101

At AFWB we think that writing gets better with practice, so each of our courses will involve a lot of opportunities to write. Creative Writing 101 is designed specifically to help writers learn the basics; you'll learn all about story arcs and value driven scenes.

2. The Art Of Description

Description is key. Every scene in your book needs good description but how do you know how much description is right for your scene. What things should you be describing and what techniques can be used to describe - whether it's the scene or a character.

3. Action, Dialogue and Emotion

On this course you'll get plenty of practice narrating action and using language devices and dialogue. We'll also cover how to show emotion. Emotion is pretty essential. It's what pulls a reader's heart strings, causing them to laugh and cry all within 500 pages. This is definitely a course you won't want to miss.

4. The Writer's Essentials

This course is slightly longer than the rest because it covers all the things you'll need on every single page, from sentence structures to punctuation. Beginnings and Endings, How to use paragraphs and the crazy skill that is the perfect cliff hanger.

5. Plotting & Symbolism

In our final course, we'll cover a range of topics, including symbolism in sex scenes and planning character profiles. As well as that you'll be invited to write a short story for our charity anthology that could potentially be published alongside the work of our authors.

Price List

​Creative Writing 101 - $50

The Art of Description - $50

Action, Dialogue & Emotion - $50

The Writer's Essentials - $50

Plotting & Symbolsim - $50

When you sign up for all five courses, instead of paying $250 you'll only pay $228. These courses are usually one on one.

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