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The AFWB Critique Network

Readers are just as creative as authors. They use their imagination to turn the authors words into a vivid picture in their minds. For this reason, we want to include readers in the creative process.

The AFWB Critique Network is designed to allow readers to engage with a story right from the earlier stages. Stories will be added in instalments and we ask that you share your thoughts in the channel feed as you read. We’d ask that you’re honest and constructive as your words will be seen by the author.

AFWB believes that authors and readers can mutually benefit off of each other. This network allows readers to read books prior to their release and hopefully find some new authors they will love, whilst allowing authors to receive invaluable feedback and criticism that will help them improve their current manuscript and those to come in the future.

There are a couple of rules that we ask Critiquers to keep. Before we will give you access to the critique network and the books within, you will need to sign to confirm that you will keep the following rules. Signed Agreement & Rules must be received by AFWB before any books will be received.

The AFWB Critique Network Rules

1. The copying or sharing of each book whether in full or in part, is strictly forbidden. We thank you for respecting the author’s work.

2. You can interact with the stories at your own pace, picking the stories that interest you.

3. As you read we ask that you will interact with the story, leaving comments for the author and sharing your thoughts at the end of each chapter in the story channel.

4. The author might at times post questions in the channel, we would appreciate it if you considered these questions seriously and answered them honestly. At the same time, if you have a question for the author you can post them in the channel too.

5. All comments must be constructive. This does not mean your critique can not be negative but rather that any negative comments must be shared kindly, with the intention to help, not hurt.

6. Anyone who posts rude or offensive remarks in the Network will be removed.

7. At the end of each critique we will post a google form with a few short questions. Your answers will be used to create a Critique Rating and Critique Report for the author.

8. For every critique you complete to the end you will gain critique points. Critique Points can be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards.*

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