Graphic Design

Graphic Design

There is nothing more important than your author brand. Everything from your book covers to banners and teasers all need to reflect your author brand. Let us work with you to make you shine.

Book Your Project

e-Book Cover Design

For authors who just want to distribute their books electronically, we will create a stunning cover that looks great in the Kindle store.

Price $25.00


Book Cover Design

Have us create your next best-selling cover, here! We create custom designs as well as a collection of pre-made and exclusive covers to choose from.

Price Ranging From $50.00 for Pre-Made Covers and $75.00 for Exclusive Custom Covers.


Banner Design

Need something eye-catching for your social media page?  We've got you covered.

Price $10.00


Teaser Design

Nothing promotes your book better than a good-looking teaser. We can create one, or a whole matching set to match your novel and your needs.

Price Ranging From $5.00 for one and $20.00 for five.


Takeover Graphic Design

Want beautiful graphics to use during your takeover events. We'll come up with genre relevant awesome games, that will be exclusively yours.

Price $20.00 for five


Author Branding Kit

We'll create stunning graphics for your author media kit: Logo, Banner, Bio, Social Media Links.

Price $40.00


Complete Book Kit

Get all your book bits done in one go: A Book Wrap Cover, 5 Teasers, 2 Banners, 5 Takeover Graphics.

Price $100.00


Logo Design

Every author needs to develop their author brand. A logo is pretty much key. Something unique that is 100% you.

Price $10.00




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